About Us.

Blue Dane Records is a Copenhagen-based record label focusing on bringing new and exciting R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Americana straight from the musicians to their audience.

Blue Dane Records is on a mission to produce and promote professionally made music production and merchandise that acknowledges the many hours spent developing the talent and product.
Like other brands and designs, music productions are a product of craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, design-thinking, and hard work.
That's why we think it's time to put the product's valuation back on track.
We need to appreciate and value the time spent creating the music, cover art, and in the end, the contribution that the music gives to our life.

Blue Dane Records was founded by musicians for musicians.
That means we understand and work along the fine line of B2B and B2C marketing while knowing that music often has a deeper meaning than a typical day-to-day household product.

Blue Dane Records is a part of Blue Dane Production ApS.